About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at  K I O M  is to design, create, innovate and deliver to our customers the ultimate clothing experience! With keen attention to detail, our focus is to provide you fashion products that are comfortable yet stylish.

We promise to maintain the highest commitment to customer satisfaction and experience that was laid decades ago by the founding members.


The Bella Karan Collection

Understanding our customers desires, we strive to design exclusive creations embodying comfort, sensuality and luxury while staying affordable. While implementing the best workmanship and technological innovation with carefully chosen colors and finishes, our goal is to appeal to our customers and leave them with a deep sense of satisfaction.


Why leather?

Leather is natural – it breathes and adjusts. It can be gently coaxed, but never broken. With a few uses, your garment molds to your unique shape, style and form …. and becomes you!  Skin to skin, your second nature – till it fits like a glove.

Durable, supple, elegant and refined – from the dawn of mankind; hide, skin and fleece have been used to keep the elements at bay. While protection from the weather is key – fashion, style and color is where our artists and customers meet.

Having our own factories and tanneries puts us in the unique position of moving product fast and direct to the end user. With over 25 years of tanning, designing and manufacturing experience, our designers and merchandisers have an advantage with tried and tested colors and styles, always innovating in search of the next sensation.


About Leather

Since leather is a natural material and each hide is unique, with it’s own size and shape. No other fabric can compare with the unique textures, rich colors, strength, or smell of real leather. It’s in a category all its own with different sizes, weights, types, and prices. The joy of working with real leather is all in the longevity of the finished projects, garments, and accessories that last well beyond the years of any other fabric or fiber. Leather becomes even softer, more supple and antiqued with age and wear. Thin and silky smooth skins add a luxurious touch to any garment.

The premium class of Lambskin is the sum of many details, beginning with the purchase of raw materials. The smaller the skins, the more valuable the finished lambskin product, as low weight is a crucial factor in the purchase decisions. KIOM’s raw skin buyers are active all over the world and carefully select every skin before it is treated very gently in the tannery. The treatments – some of which are vegetable-based are very time consuming and require a great amount of work on the part of the craftsmen. These rare and exclusive skins require a very high level of sensitive processing in the tannery in order to become a top-quality lambskin product. The special features of our lambskin jackets and coats include, in some cases, their very low weight as well as their splendid, soft, light and incomparable comfortable feel.

Lamb skins are a by-product of slaughter houses. They come from 4-6 month old animals that generally have not yet been shorn. Rigorous preliminary sorting is indispensable for ensuring a high level of quality.  We tan and process these skins with focus on developing lightness and soft feel, a skill developed over years of trial and error with different eco-friendly chemicals and processes, a stringent requirement for export to the EU.
There are two sides to every skin. The outer side on which the wool or hair grows, becomes the smooth leather side when the wool or hair is removed. This side is known as Nappa. The inner side, also known as the flesh side, is brushed off to produce suede.
Brushing off the smooth nappa side results in a particularly fine, short-fiber leather known as Nubuck.
Cowhide leather is made from hides of cows, although the term is sometimes loosely used to designate any leather tanned from hides of animals of the bovine species.
Cow Natural Dry Milled (NDM) is full grain leather milled to provide smooth, tight grain, and suppleness. Full-grain leather refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed (as opposed to top-grain or corrected leather) to remove imperfections (or natural marks) on the surface of the hide. The grain remains allowing the fiber strength and durability. The dry milling process happens after the finishing process and is often used to release some of the “chemical” softness in the leather and separate some of the fibers which may have caused the leather to remain firm.   The milling process is very similar to a modern tumble drier where the hide is tumbled or “milled” in a large drum to produce a supple and pliable leather.
Antiqued leather is a type of semi aniline leather that is finished by rubbing layers of aniline dyes onto full grain leather until the desired color is achieved. This process is done by highly skilled artisans who understand the complex interplay of colors where a patina of multiple rich tones is desired. A protective topcoat is applied to the dyes offering protection against stains and wear. Because the cow hide is full grain, subtle natural markings such as healed scares and scratches, insect bites and brands can be present.
Pull-Up is a type of semi aniline leather with a waxy topcoat added for protection. When this leather is pulled or stretched, these waxes cause the dyes to spread giving the hide a two tone or marble like effect. Pull-up leather is commonly referred to as “distressed” leather as the wax topcoat easily scratches through normal use. These marks will often be absorbed back into the leather and soften over time.


Care and Cleaning

Finished/Smooth Leather

For regular care and cleaning, dust periodically with a dry cloth to remove residual dust and prevent dirt from building up. No harsh cleaners or solvents should ever be used on the leather, as they could abrade the finish or topcoat off the article.

For stubborn stains and spills, a lightly damp cloth with warm water should be blotted on the stain to lift and remove it. If this does not work, a mild soap and water solution (Palmolive or Dawn) should be mixed and then blotted to release the stain and then blot again with dry cloth. This should never be done heavily or in a scrubbing motion.

Specially formulated leather cleaner and conditioner can be used to rejuvenate fine leather surfaces, however, some leathers are inherently sensitive so these products should be spot tested before overall use.