Genuine Lambskin Leather Jacket-Ethan


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Made from buttery soft lambskin this leather Jacket is designed to feel like a longtime favorite from day one, only to improve with time and wear. Its slim fit gives a classic style some contemporary street cred. A perfect combination of good looks and comfort, this essential exudes confidence, style, and sophistication.

Vegetable tanning is a slow, non-toxic process which uses tree bark extract to cure the leather creating hides with rich, warm, and uniquely variegated tones that improve as they age. Tanning effluents can be more easily and safely recycled. Vegetable tanned leather retains the grain patterns, marks, and scars picked up by the animal during its lifetime; each jacket reflects these variations of the hide.

Leather: Brushed Lambskin (stained by hand, vegetable tanned)

Lining: 100% soft cotton lining

Care: Best practices state while usually considered “okay” to use leather wipes or a very mild baby shampoo to spot-clean at home, the best precaution against damage is to take leather items to a professional cleaner who specializes in leather.

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